Why Is It People Have no Shame

I find it amusing when people insult others work through the rating’s comment box nonstop but not once do they write their name or offer any help. Why is it people have no shame.

why are you so scared

to express your thoughts

your opinions

why is it you have to hide your name

you seem ashamed

i can’t blame you

you tell me my poetry is silly

yet you have the nerve to remain nameless

why do you act so tough

when you are truely soft

you insult others work

yet you don’t give any advice

you just tell them how much their work sucked

while you munch on a sandwich

which you probably bought

so tell me sir

why is it you diss others

but you choose to remain nameless

put your mouth and picture together

and than maybe i’ll respect your opinion

or who knows maybe you can help make

my work a little better

4 comments on Come Clean

I like those who are willing to criticize but also offer solutions – nameless or not.

i agree 100% but most of the time they don’t

wow thanks you guys are awesome

A very clever retort that is creatively put out there! I was laughing out loud reading this as it hits the target squarely, fantastic!