What will You Do When Broo Comes For You.

As I am sure many of you have noticed, BrooWaha really seems to be picking up steam and establishing itself as a top-tier citizen writer’s network. Ariel founded an online monster that has created quite a buzz and my prediction is that it’s only going to get more popular in the very near future and beyond.

One of the ways I can tell that Broo is succeeding in its mission to build a worldwide writers’ community is by the number of page views my articles are receiving. I am getting between 500-800 views per day, which I find amazing. I have never even come close to getting this many hits on my blog, which I have been contributing to since July of ’06. BrooWaha has given me more exposure than I could ever have hoped to find anywhere else.

The other thing I love about Broo is the people I’ve met. Friendships are being formed here that are unique, (and sometimes a little strange) because we don’t just comment, chat and send messages to each other, but we all have another thing in common–we write. symbol Or contribute. Or read. All of us play a role, depending on what we choose to do and how we want to participate on any level we desire. It’s a great balance of support and opinion (both positive and negative) where no one is afraid to say what they think or feel. It’s like a cult, without the orange robes or purple Kool-Aid.

With success comes issues, however, and I don’t think Broo will be an exception. First, people will try to copy BrooWaha, just like they’ve done with Craigslist, e-bay and other successful Internet vehicles. Also, I am sure it will continue to attract weirdos. That’s all part of the “Freedom of Speech” thing that makes Broo so special.

Last night I dreamt that BrooWaha attracted a big investor (Bill Gates or Steve Jobs?) who gave Ariel a bunch of cash to take the site to the next level. Ariel, the good guy and loyal founder that he is, started offering us paying gigs to run certain editorial departments within Broo.

In my dream, we move to So Cal one by one to become part of the Broo Crew. Ariel establishes a palatial office in L.A. (Beverly Hills of Hollywood — see photo) and starts staffing his site almost immediately.

In my dream, I was the Entertainment Editor (with a weekly column called “Dick Confit.”); El G ran the Opinion Department; Jen & Tonic did Humor; Bill Friday was the Sports Editor; Traveling Seth gave us great San Francisco stories; Steven Lane made us watch all the Howling movies in one sitting; Digidave handled the links and wrote high-tech/Internet news; Glenn T. was in charge of running fun polls and contests (as well as publishing excerpts from his expose, “The Secret Life of a Clippers Cheerleader”.)

Every day would be casual dress Friday. Daily lunches would be catered (by restaurants selected by Pleasurepalate); Mean Mike Duffau would write boxing/celebrity articles, as well as run the Broo office’s security team; Gary Schwind would do interviews with bands and be in charge of all the music being played in the office.

I know I’ve forgotten a lot of other deserving Broosters here. (Sorry. I am on deadline with my real job and don’t have time to mention everyone.) So, I will pose the question: If my dream (though drug induced) were to actually come true – what will you do when Broo comes for YOU?

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