What is The secret.

What is the secret?

If you’ve been in the loop of what’s hot, what’s new and what is the latest and greatest, you must have been in earshot of several discussions of the great “Secret”. But what is the secret? It started as a small production that was mainly passed along through the internet in 2006. Eventually, by word of mouth and “power of mind”, it began to pick up steam almost exponentially. Currently, the DVD has just started being sold in stores and was recently featured on Oprah. It has now become a near-phenomenon. Sales have sky-rocketed and stores can barely keep copies on the shelves. What is all the brouhaha over?

The secret purportedly has been passed down through the ages by the greatest minds to deliver the key MSP to success. Aristotle, Plato, Shakespeare, Einstein, Beethoven, Jesus, and Buddha are some of the people that have purportedly utilized the secret and have taught its lessons to others. Contemporary teachers of these principles that are featured on the DVD include authors, quantum physicists, psychologists, physicians, philosophers, teachers, and others.

The secret is based on the concept of attraction. What happens to you in your life is based on what you think, feel, and ask for. This goes along with the notion that thoughts are things. The more you feel it, imagine it, and positively attract it to you, the more likely it will come. This goes for not only material possessions, but also purportedly for any area of your life, health, romance, travel, etc. You can get what you ask for. But is it really all that easy?

One can say, well – I want a million dollars, so where is it? The secret isn’t so easy that anything you picture in your head materializes instantly. It would be potentially disastrous if everyone started materializing their mind’s first whim. Yet, the secret’s teachers give you guidelines and points out common things that people do wrong while practicing this. So when you know what to do, does it work? Supposedly so.

Some critics say that this type of thinking promotes laziness and false hope in people to not work for what they want. Others say that this all simply New Age hogwash. On a scientific basis, critics claim there is no firm scientific evidence that thoughts are things or that we can create brainwaves that affect our environment. Others assert that amazing things have been accomplished through the power of the mind. When one can realize that everything is made from energy and vibrations, could the idea that intense concentration can have an effect on surroundings be so far fetched? There have been many cases of medical miracles with people that are so determined to get better they beat incredible odds. Could this intense energy from determination play a part?

The secret by no means is a new idea. We have no doubt heard bits and pieces of this positive thinking power, and what it can do for us if we only know what to do. The secret is more like a contemporary study guide to what many religions, and positive thinking enthusiasts have been saying for centuries. As for the question if it really works or not, I would say try it for yourself and see what happens.