Spider-Man 3 A Super-Dense Review

The movie has dynamic seamless special effects, but the action depicted is undermotivated and has resolutions that feel contrived.
The movie has entertaining comic sequences, but they feel derivative to rather than a fully integrated part of the dramatic plot.
The movie playfully highlights good-looking extras, but their looks contrast jarringly against the less impressive beauty of its stars.
Relatedly, the movie uses intimate close-ups extensively, but their appeal is limited by the fact that they were filmed digitally and also by the fact that they were primarily shot from below, a camera angle that, at least as it was used on this movie, is not flattering. (However, the lack of visual glamorization does support the theme that Spider-Man is a very human superhero).
Finally, this third movie in the franchise introduces intriguing new characters, but again this strength is undermined, in this instance by underdeveloping one of the new characters, Gwen Stacy, and also by failing to add compelling depth to returning major characters Mary Jane and Aunt May.
So should you go see it? Perhaps you might as well, if only just to know, but it is more mediocre than masterpiece.