MySpace SexyPam Wants To Be Your Friend!

Man Throwing Paper PlaneBehind the very pleasant face, and often close to naked body of SexyPam, usually hides a fake profile with a bunch of links to different websites: myspace layouts, ringtones, webcams…

Vintage ornament collection with blackboard style

Due to its very high traffic and the demography of its users, MySpace has become a goldmine for advertisers. By luring potential customers into reading their fake profiles, they have found a new way to reach their market. Here is more information about visit our web-site. If your new friend Pamela tells you that she loves her new ringtone, aren’t you gonna try to find out which one it is and maybe buy the same? Maybe you won’t, but thousands of naive teenagers will.

Now, where this new advertising technique becomes really annoying is that it’s sometimes really hard to differentiate the fake accounts from the Angels – visit the next internet site – real ones. They have plausible names, their “about me” section is very often filled out with normal information. Once you accept their friend requests however, they will usually send you messages or post bulletins with subjects like “Look at that, it’s awesome!”, or “OMG, check this out” to trick you into opening the message which will often be a barely concealed advertisement for some kind of product.

Regular spam made you look through huge amounts of junk to find genuine emails. This new sort of spamming takes the issue to another dimension: you now also have to browse through all your friends to find the genuine ones.

In addition to its significant amount of bugs, MySpace now have to face this other issue, and it’d better deal with it fast before users like me get tired of using a faulty website.

To make sure I don’t add fake profiles, I now always decline friend requests from any overly beautiful or sexy girls. Hopefully, none of them genuinely wanted to become my friend . Will the next popular mod for MySpace be a FakeFriendFilter?