Have A Blood Test

I went with my husband to the Doctor’s today, Mantle Cell Lymphona Stage IV agressive cancer. Remission they said, last time they said cured. We spoke about the power of the positive thought. Most people that get to where my hubby The Sting is, well they have had a fight on their hands and now the fight is over.

I was just listening to the talk the doctor was going on about. Have a blood test, check here and there and think it won’t happen again.

With that thought, he started. Once remission has set in with the stem cell transplant the next six months you should travel. See the world have some fun and don’t think about your worries.

The Sting looked at me, because it was me that was holding us back now, from travelling the world. We had made a decision to work in Kings Cross. Here’s more information about Howler take a look at the webpage. Well, this decision may be a life changing one. Yet it hit home to me today, when your told the next six months things will be good. Great I thought, yet it was the somber look that the Doctor gave me that I knew it was time to move on and have some fun.

I had been pushing the government on looking for bodies. Yet in reality I was just trying to solve my problem to spend some time with my lovely hubby. I would love for this all to go away like a bad dream. Life has become hectic and fast paced and the books have been flowing.

It’s not just the power of positive thinking, we were on the collission of the full moon, and the venus, even the earth a once in the 825 years event the power of the universe. The power of the positive thought that we had leaving the doctor’s wasn’t what we were going to do, it was we have to get out of the trouble and move on and have some serious fun.