Dumb Things We Do Inside the House

There was a recent study that claims living alone could kill you. I say that living alone might make your life longer if you live with one idiot or more. If you have almost any questions relating to where by and also the way to utilize Michigan, you’ll be able to call us from our site. Do you have household company that do dumb things over and over again? Here are some of those things I find:

1. Leaving high-heeled shoes and sandals on the stairs and doorstep

I know someone who tumbled over 4 times on the stairs because someone keeps leaving her footwear there that the other kept stepping on. Although I’m sure she had no plan of ‘accidental’ murder.

2. Using plastic utensils on hot pans

Of course the plastic will melt and mix with the food. Do I have to say that plastic is harmful and toxic when ingested? What amazes me is that even though it’s visible that the upper tip of the plastic ladle or fork is getting smaller and smaller, the one using it keeps ‘melting’ it on food. That’s mass-murder now if intentional.

3. Placing plates in drying rack facing the window or room instead towards wall

So what happens when you do that? Of course the face of the plates gathers more dust or possibly even microbes!

4. Putting things on different places frequently

Why make others waste time searching when you can assign each things their proper places? This idiocy creates the most quarrels by the way.

5. Waiting for household items to run out before buying again

Why do that when you have the cash to use? What if the missing item is needed for an emergency? Another small mismanagement that could lead to a serious disaster.

That’s all for the meantime. I hope (not) you have something to add to the list. My list is already enough to make us boiling mad isn’t it?