Color Vat’s Right for you. RIGINAL

World’s shortest ‘color discrimination’ saga in not so many words. ‘Family DYE.’ Prosperous dye factory. Specializing in white. A Christian color.

‘Christian,’ the workers nicknamed the black sheep that wandered in one day. No one claimed it. It was scuttled out back where it gazed longingly through the factory window in between grass ingestion and pining. The factory door had been left open. ‘Christian’ took 20 sheepish steps back. Charged, Herculean leap. Smack dab into the middle of the bubbling white.

They dragged the white ‘Christian’ out. Hosed it white down. One weary washer remarked dryly, “we all have to dye sometime but not because we’re a black sheep.” The color drained out of ‘Christian’s’ face. C Sneered. Blurted, “baah! That’s all white for you!” Jumped into the vat again. The washer sighed,”honestly, you can talk to and wash some silly sheep til they’re black in the face.” Shouted at the floundering sheep. “Don’t you realize that whatever color you aspire to be you’ll always remain a Christian?” Something not quite white about this piece? Guess it’s a bit like women who dye their black hair blonde. Sooner or later their black roots show through? Vat white? Hope i haven’t started a blue.

Color me red? Guess color change under the Red White and blue doesn’t really matter, we all have to dye a little sometime?…or do we? So many grey areas. Or,if you’re like me you have to face the bald truth…in parting. Have a great dye.

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